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EPIC Property Preservation

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About EPIC | Property. Preservation. Redefined.

Banknote™ Process: Our Foundation

Our proprietary Banknote™ Process is our team’s approach to your property. Customer-centered and real estate focused, our business team has the knowledge and experience to create and deliver profit-driven, property preservation solutions.


Client Focused | Property Solutions | Profit Preservation 


Property DisInfecting

Property Rehab

Lawn Preservation

Property Staging

Our Values: Conscious | Diverse | Principle



Sharon Stephens: Facilitator | Communicator

Ms. Stephens is an accomplished businesswoman with a proven record to exceed objectives. Harnessing a deep and knowledgeable understanding of the real estate industry, employee and human resource management in conjunction with strategic insight for Urban Development and Restoration, Ms. Stephens is an invaluable asset for property managers searching for results-oriented, profit driven business partners.

As an accomplished and seasoned businesswoman with a proven record to exceed objectives. Ms. Stephens’ is a passionate leader who is intentional in her pursuit of success; achieving results with a high level of integrity. Ms. Stephens success is in her ability to influence and resolve conflict; fostering understanding with relationships to ensure a timely delivery thru her excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills.